Holocaust Memorial in Dachau, Germany.

Holocaust Memorial in Dachau, Germany.

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  1. adam feeley says:

    I am adam feeley and a big fan.I can’t believe you survived those beatings.I am only a fourth grade ten year old.your book is the best book I’ve ever readin my life.I was wondering if you and I could chat sometime.I am at the part where the second chef beats you with the hose

  2. carolynhayesuber says:

    Adam, Thank you for writing to Stephen. He will be very pleased to hear your comments. If you would like to send a note to Stephen directly, you can write him at mybrothersvoice@aol.com. Carolyn

  3. Erica Silvestri says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    You visited my school, Bishop Gorman, about two weeks ago. Over the years I have read many different Holocaust books, but yours is by far the best. You have inspired me to never give up. You are one of the strongest people I have ever met/known about. I look up to you and am proud that I got to read your book. I have passed the book onto my friend and told her to read it. Thank you so much!

  4. Alexis K. says:

    May 13, 2009
    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    Hello. My name is Alexis. Yesterday you just visited my school. And I must say it was a honnor to meet you. Your book has really inspired me. I always seem to think that when my parents ask me to do chores that its the worst and harddest thing. But after reading “My Brothers Voice” in Ms. Rounds class, I learned that life could be much worst. I really appreciate you coming to my school. It was an expierence I will never forgett. I can promise you that! Thank you again! The people here at Faiss enjoyed it a lot! Thank you agian.
    -Alexis K.

  5. Jaime- polanco says:

    Dear Mr, Nasser
    Hello, my name is Jaime Polanco Today you visited me at my Middle School Wood bury, i visited your website regarding your interesting presentation on My Brother Voice. Thank you for being able to come to my middle school and Talk to us about your Experience in Auschwitz, i want you to know it was a great Honor for you to Arrive at my school and talk to us thank you very much and God bless you.

  6. oscar cadena says:

    Hello Mr. Nasser
    i really liked your presentation
    im sorry you had to see your aunt and nephew die
    also your im sorry that you had your brother die in your hands
    this effected me
    i was actually about to cry
    but thank you for coming to our class

  7. Carlos David Garcia Pimentel says:

    Hallo Mr. Nasser, my name is Carlos. i went to your presentation. I tjought it was excitiing. After your presentation I noticed that you lived through a lot of killing. I feel your pain because I’ve also seen a lot of killing in my live. I hate what the Nazi’s did to not just your family, but all the Jews.the part I felt the most was when the Nazi killed the baby. and killied the mom. Sorry for not buying your book.

  8. Sean Abid says:

    What a powerful presentation. I was honored to hear you speak and share your experiences. You articulate your story so eloquently and I could feel the emotion in your words. Thank you for allowing me to hear about your life. You are a treasure.

  9. Pablo Montoya says:

    Mr. Nasser today you went to Desert Pines High School and your story inspired me very much thank you for being a strong person thank you for sharing that with the world i will never forget your story and one day i hope to tell it to my own children.

    Never Again!!

    yours truly,
    Pablo Montoya
    God bless you and I hope my God doesn’t leave you

  10. Mrs. Benton says:

    Your words will live on through the students of Del Sol High school. You area an inspiration and the students are still talking about you and your book-Your voice really made a difference. We will NEVER FORGET your message of love and hope and they know that the message needs to be spread to everyone they know. Peace and love to you and your family. Your willingness to share your experience will make a difference to every person who listens.

  11. Brianna says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,

    You came to my school today to talk to my school. I am also a Jew, you reallytouched me and my family. I told my dad everything you said and he started to cry. I am very sorry about what happend to your daughter and the rest of your family it is very heartbreaking.

  12. Chloe says:

    Mr Nasser,
    Thank you for coming to my school, i’m sorry about what you had to go through, I almost cried when you were telling your stories.

  13. Kayla says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,

    I’m very thankful for you for coming to my school today and opening up to us. I know that this part in your life was very difficult. I’m so very sorry for what happened to your brother,daughter,and family. You have taught me not to take for granted what I have. Your book sounds very interesting and I hope you continue to share your story with others. Thank you once again.

  14. Collin.P says:

    thankz 4 coming to my school. u rock and sorry about the sad storryz! peace

  15. Madison Simpson says:

    hola america!!!! sorrie about the sad storiez! i literly cried when you said sad stuff like yeah!!! you rock yo!!!

  16. thank you for coming to my school cadwallader middle school my name is rubiel espinoza and thats a sad storie you told us well thanks alot bye

  17. Alexis V. says:

    My Brothers Voice was an excellent book. It can make you cry, or laugh. It is filled with many adventures that are based on a true story. Some of the events that occur in this book are unimaginable.
    In the beginning of the book it tells what happened on their way to the concentration camp. What they were able to bring wear or eat. It told of what happened to some of the unl;ucky ones when they arrived at the camp.
    Around the middle of the book is when their families got split apart. All of the women and children went to one side and al of the men went to the opposite side. It tells when they transfor camps and what they had to do to satisfy the S.S. Also, what happens when they get sick and they cannot work anymore.
    Then the ending of the book was great but I canot spoil the ending.


  18. Emilia says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    It was amazing that you came to our school yesterday! Your stories touched me so much and im sure many people feel the same way.I greatly apprecite that you shared your stories with my school and me! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to reading your book! :]

  19. elena(: says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    It was a pleasure to have you at our school Wilbur & Theresa Faiss middle school. It was a life changing excpirience. Reading your book has reminded me how good I have it in life. I didn’t realize until now. I constantly complain if I don’t get what I want that week. And feel that I have the worst life in the world and couldn’t get worst. Then listening to you that day I know that you went through all of that and took it. You never complained. You really have changed my perspective. Thank you for this lesson that I will never forget this.
    Elena C.<3

  20. elena(: says:

    Woot Woot!! steve nasser is bomb(:

  21. Trudy Cohen says:

    I took my 3 sons to hear your speak at the library. You had such a profound effect on them. They left that day with a deeper appreciation of each other. For that , I am grateful. I then read your book. I learned so much from your amazing strength. I also am confident that God was looking out for you and your brother was too. I thank you for your efforts in educating people not only on the horrific details of the Holocaust but also on the benefits of never giving up, no matter what the circumstances may be. Your book is an amazing tribute to your relationship with your brother. Thank you for being the epitome of a “survivor”!

  22. Maddi A. says:

    Wow that was a very moving story I was very into your story I coudn’t believe what you’ve been through. We’ve been studying about the Holocaust but now I finally know what it really felt like from a survivors perspective. Thank- you for coming to our school and teaching us what you went through. I was very infomed and now I feel I can interpret the stories more now that you have made us step in your shoes and have at least some kind of perspective on it but I know we will never feel the way you felt. And i will say it once again Thank- you.

  23. Jordyn says:

    Your were very inspirational. Your speach definitely moved me. I will always remember you and you are a blessing from God to be able to speak to us at Faith Lutheran. You have moved me a lot, I thank you so much for coming and motivating me to stay strong! God Bless!

  24. Chris O.B says:

    Dear Mr.Nasser,
    Your stroies have made me think about the holocaust and how bad the Some of the Nazis were. I was very shaocked about all those sad stories you have said. This was God’s Plan to guide you through the holocaust. I hope God will help you and i wish you the best of luck for ever. 😛

  25. Cole C. says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    i think that your talk yesterday at my school was inspirational. i hope that you keep on talking about it to more schools so that they can learn about your experience. im also sorry about what happened to you in the concentration camps. lastly, i hope that i see you again! 🙂

  26. Parker says:

    Hello, I am from faith luthren jr./sr. high school. I heard you talk on Monday. I enjoyed your story about the holocaust. It was really funny when you had to hide the pocket knife you carried around. Ha! That was funny.

  27. Carly H. Taylor says:

    Dear Mr. Nazzer,

    I really appreciate you coming to faith luthern! your speech really inspired me, it really showed me that you should be thankful for your family. when you were speaking about your brother and your mother and started to cry, i honestly started crying with you. i love my mother very much and my awesome dad also. i also followed your directions when your specifically told us to go home, wrapp our arms around your mom and dad and say “i love you”. And i did and i also gave them an additional hug and said this one is for mr. nazzer i also did it to my sister, brother, and all of my neighbors. that speech was a real eyeopener for me. thans again!!!!!

    – CARLY

  28. Sebastian Labadie says:

    Hi There Mr. Nasser
    You Visited my School (Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School) Monday and unfortunatly I was not able to come because I was really sick. I was really upset when I learned that I missed the assembly because theres you and like two other holocaust survivors. See ya Mr. Nasser I hope you have a good day and bye.

  29. Ken says:

    THankyou for coming to our school :@

  30. Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for coming and telling us about our school. I learned so much by you coming here, and I am very happy that you came. I learned that not all of the people in the Holocast have a number on there arm. Thank you so much for teaching me that not all of the Germans are the bad guys, that just because someone was born in Germany tha doesn’t mean that they were bad. Thank you again and please write back!!

  31. Ann Cook says:

    Thank you for coming to our school. You are awesome.

  32. Larry says:

    Dear Mr.Nassar you are such an inspiration! You went to my school yesterday and poened my eyes.Thank you so much for comming. I learned so much from just those few minutes and really look forward to reading your book.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  33. Austin says:

    Your talk really opened many peoples eyes. I thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to us. I appreciate it, we all do. Your story really shows a good idea of the horrors the Nazi’s preformed. I feel sorry for your losses in life, and now I appreciate my family much more after you told me you lost your whole family and your sister. God has really blessed you though, he saved you from the Nazi’s horror, and gave you the oppertunity to talk to us. Mr. Nasser, even when I think my life is horrible, I will remember your dismal time in camp, and remember my life isn’t all that bad. Thankyou Mr. Nasser may God be with you.

  34. Jordan Surina says:

    Dear Mr Nasser,
    You visted my school just yesterday, Faith Lutheran! I have read many Holocaust books but yours is the best! Your speech realy made me realize how hard it was to actually live through the Holocaust and survior from it. My favorite part was when you told us about your pocket knife, you stuck it up where the sun dosen’t shine! Me and my friends still talk about it. I also liked when you told us about your diary. I sort of think the sticking your knife were the sun dosen’t shine sort of saced you because when you showed the gaurd your carving and he wanted one and he gave you pens and more food for you and you brother! Hope you can live long enough to keep telling about your brother and his story! “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever” Psalm 107:1.

  35. justin rifley says:

    i am justin rifley and i go to fiath lutheren middle school. i was at your talk yesterday. i thought your speech was awsome. i don’t think you should change a thing. it is very funny to. please type back.

  36. Noah Thompson says:

    I respect you greatly because you were really in a concentratin camp. I read all about the Holocaust in class but it didn’t compare to the story you told us. Your story was truly amazing. I really enjoyed your visit to our school. Sincerely, a student that goes to Faith Lutheran.

  37. Hayden Knight says:

    Mr. Nasser I thankyou for Coming to my school and teaching me about the hardships of the holocaust and the life of being in the camps. I understand the you went through pain, and suffering. I now know that if this ever happens again i will try to stop this and that i will never let it happen again.

  38. Devin says:

    I just saw Mr. Nasser at school beause he came to talk with us and he was great. He told us all about when he was in the Holoaust. He waas lucky he was only in there for a year beause most people were in there for a few years

  39. Justin Odor says:

    When you came to talk at my school, Faith Lutheran, it was very inspiring. I learned so much when you talked and i finally understood the holocaust. I felt really sad though because you and so many other ppl that were insint were beaten, killed, hurt, and so much more for absolutly no reason. Thank you so much for coming to my school and telling us your story.
    a student at FLHS

  40. A student at FLHS says:

    I was at your speech yesterday at Faith Luheran. This speech was very motivational and helped me love my family a little more. You are an inspiration because you are a strong level headed man. When you saw your uncle die right in front of you shows that strength. Thank you for your support and telling me about your expereiences with me.

  41. Nikos P. says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,

    Hi Mr. Nasser my name is Nikos Povilaitis and i am in the 6th grade. I am from Faith Lutheran Jr./Sr high school. I loved your sppech,but i was also very sad. The Holocaust was such a terrible thing that happended to the Jews. I can’t believe that the Nazi’s could do such a thing to the Jews. I can’t believe that you were the only surviver of your 21 family members i was shocked. Your motivated me to start speeking about how the holocasut changed the world.

  42. Carly Taylor says:

    Dear mr. nazzer

    I really apreciate you coming to faith luthern. your speech really inspired me. when you spoke about your mom and brother and how you loved them so much, and you started to tear up, i honestly started cryng with you. i followed your directions when you told me to go home and wrapp our arms around our parents announcing to them that “i love them”. i also gave an additional hug and told them that this one was for mr. nazzer. your speech was really thoughrough and my favorite part was when you were talking about your pocket knife and you said you shoved it up where the sun doesn’t shine. everyone stil talks about it because of the fact that the thought was so funny. your speech was a real eye opener and i hope to see you again soon!
    May God Bless!


  43. Kennedy : ) says:

    Hi! Your speech here at Faith Lutheran was so amazing! The funny stuff was hilarious, and the sad stuff was so scary. But now i know what the Holocaust was like because i heard a story from a survivor. You are such a hero. And i will never EVER forget you or the stuff you said. I am so happy to have heard you speak! Keep talking because your story is amazing!

  44. Gabbie says:

    Dear Mr.Nasser,
    You came to my school in Las Vegas yesterday, it truely was amazing that you did. Your talk really spoke to me because I sometimes take my great life forgranted. I now appreciate all my blessings, which are many. I really am glad you survived, so you could tell me your story.Your story was amazing, I really loved it. I am so glad you came to my school, thanks!

  45. Ann Cook says:

    That was a very moving speech. Thank you for coming to my school, Faith. You have given me a new view on life.

  46. Carly Taylor says:

    Dear mr. nazzer

    I really appreciate you coming to faith. Your speech was an eye opener for me. It really showed me to appreciate your family while you have them. When you were talking about your mother and your brother that had passed away and you started to tear up, i honestly started crying with you. My favorite part of your speech was when you were talking about your knife and you said you shoved it up were the sun doesnt shine. Everyone still talks about it because the thought of it was hilarious. I also followed your directions when you told us to wrap our arms around our parents and say I love you. and i did what i was told and gave them an additional hug and told them that this is for Mr. Nazzer. Thanks again for coming to our school


  47. Brandon Fuentes says:

    Dear Mr Nasser,

    Hi, my name is Brandon Fuentes and I am in the 6th grade. I am from Faith Lutheran Jr./ Sr. High school and I loved your speech. Your speech was amazing and very inspiring. The stories about your family was truly amazing. I was shocked when I heard that out of your 21 family members, only you survived! Your strength and will must have been great. Another awesome thing was that you had survived the Holocaust and you fought your way through all of these hard obstacles.

  48. Emily Smith says:

    I cried about your brother i am very sorry for your loss

  49. Makensi says:

    hey!!! i really liked when you came to my school. i do have a couple questions. first, do you have any friends that you mae in camp that survived? do u still know him/her? o and is there any people who you know that were related to one of the Nazis? well, i am sorry about what happend to you and i promise it will never happen again

  50. Sarah Aguilera says:

    Dear Mr. Nazzer,
    My name is Sarah and Yesterday, you visited my school and talked about how you survived. Your story was amazing and it made me think more about what had happened. You have been a blessing to all of us because you have come to our school and talked to us about what had hapened to you and your family. It is amazing that only one out of 21 people, survived, and that was you. You are a great speaker and I am truley, truley sorry of what had happened to your family. I thank you very much for yo coming and talking to us. Your story made me cry. Like you said, hug my mom and say I love her. I did, then, give one from you because you can’t hug your famliy. I gave a really big one and my mom didn’t know what to say. I love you and I hope you email me back. Thank you and may God Bless you!!!!!!!:)

  51. Allison Johnson says:

    Dear Mr. Nazzer,

    It was amazing when you told us about your story, i cried. Thank you for being an amazing expirence!

  52. Greg says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    Having you at our school was an inspiration.You also taught me some great life lessons and you taught me to be more happy and realize how lucky i am to have a great family.

  53. Haley V. says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,

    Hi I am Haley Vinson and I was very moved about your talk yesterday and I was very emotional about what you said and I was about in tears and I wqas very moved and I just wanted to thank you and hope you LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!! I hope you love and hope you charish your life I love hereing stories of other peoples story’s of the Holocaust and just hearing about what happens to them it feels like I am ne of the people to go through those hrrible conditions and I woud hav cryed if my little 4 year old brother. I would love to do your job for a living and please reply back because I would like to stay in contact with someone who actually lived in the concentration camp. I was very sorry when I heard that you were the only one of 21 family members that surrvived I hope you love and charish your every ounce of life.

  54. chad says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    You came to my school, Faith Lutheran Jr. Sr. High School. While i was listening to you i could tell the passion in your voice. It was amazing to see a person from the Holocaust look so healthy and yet kind of joyful after that kind of experience. I enjyed your performance and I wish we had more time with you so i could find out more about you; I am excited to read your book.


  55. Vanessa Lee says:

    Hi!! I was really excited when my teacher told me that you were coming. We were learning about the Holocaust when you came, and we knew how horrible it was. I was really excited, and I have questions that I didn’t ask you when you came. First, do you know any survivors from the Holocaust? I learned what happened to the Nazis, and I thought they were excecuted on the court. I really feel terrible for what happedned to you, and I was surprised that from 21 of your family, you were the only survivor. And, I promise you that this will naver happen again.

  56. max bramble says:

    dear mr nasser
    thanks so much for visiting my school faith lutheran jr/sr high school i learned more about the hollocast thanks again

  57. Kea Lani Jiu says:

    Hello i am Kea Lani Jiu from Faith lutheran Jr./Sr. High school. I was at your speech the other day i m soooooooooo sorry you lost your family. I wish i could help. I saw some people cry i was on the edge of crying. I wish you could hug your family. You are so brave. I couldn’t do that what you did. It was amazing. I wish i couldbe more like you, you are amazing. Why did you get beaten even though you might not respond i just want to say that you were amazing. and if you do what was it like at camp. If you could make a change in life what would it be? It was amazing how you talked about God.

  58. Lynsey says:

    Hi! my name is Lynsey. i am from Faith Lutheran. when i listened to your speech, i could really feel your pain. i could picture every moment in my head of what you were going through. i am so sorry about your family. it must have been really hard to just continue you life like that. my favorite part of you speech was when you were laying with your brother. This summer i am going to read your book. my sister Chelsea read your book in the 6th grade when she met you. she said that it gave her a conpletly different look on the holocaust. i hope to talk to you again. i loved your speech!

  59. Trevor Driscoll says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    Hi, my name is Trevor Driscoll and i am a 6th grader at Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High. I read your book and i thought it was amazing how you survived the brutality of the Nazis. I have 2 little brothers and i can’t imagine the pain you must have felt by losing your family. If i put myself in your shoes 66 years ago i would be very scared and probably know what to do. You had to use your imagination to find ways to survive. I think you are an inspiration to all who know you and also a call to be better. You had to fight to survive and even though we don’t, i know we all should try our best.

  60. Liva says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    Yesterday you visited my school, Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.I was very touched by your speech and i enjoyed it. I have always been very interested in the Holocaust and this was a great opportunity for me to learn more about real experiences. I know that you experienced something totally indescribable and that we will never fully understand what you went through. The thing is that, it can never happen again… Nothing this terrible will ever be able to happen again. Your life was in the hands of God and you trusted him, your faith must have grown very much. You have inspired me to grown closer to God and to be more accepting of my family and to be more thankful for what i have.
    It was a pleasure to hear you speak,

  61. John Molchon says:

    My name is I jusJohn Molchon and i am from Faith lutheran i wanted toi wanted u to contact u because you have benn through so much and tell me more about the holocaust. please contack me. Thank you for reading this mesage.

  62. Liva says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    You came to my school to speak yesterday at Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School.I was very touched by your speech and i have always been interested in the Holocaust.I purchased your book and cant wait to read it.i know that the pain you went through was unbearable and that no one else has really physically or emotionally gone through what you have.You must have grown extremely close to God and you have inspired me to do the same. Your courage helps me to remember what i have and to be appreciative about it. Thank you for the uplifting speech. and i will always remember…never again…never again can something like this happen…never

  63. saira says:

    Dear Mr.Nasser,I learned alot from your presentation!I liked it alot too!I had some questions too that you couldn`t answer.One of my questions were,”How many members of your family survived the holocaust?”

  64. Tiffany says:

    Hello Mr. Nasser!

    Rescently in Feb. you visited my school, Immanuel First Lutheran. I would like to thank you for taking your time to visit us. Sadly, our school will not be opening for the 2009-2010 school year. Please keep us in your prayers and I will be keeping you in my prayers also. I hope you have a great summer and keep on doing what you’re doing.


  65. haley says:

    Hello Mr.Nasser,

    I was one of the kids at faith lkutheran to hear your painfull speach i wish there was some way i could help you and i hope you never lose faith in a way that you are a very strong man and that you were able to survive the nazi’s brutal and harsh punishments and i have never felt so sorry for some one this bad as i do for you and please Mr. Nasser write back and i wish you a long life.

    With hope,

  66. Dear SAIRA.
    To answer your question, out of 21 taken away from our family by the Nazis to Concentration Camps, I was the only one who survived. I did have
    an Aunt,Uncles and Cousins, who were saved by Raoul Wallenberg the Swedish diplomat. He saved 24,000 Hungarian Jews in Budapest.
    The pictures I have in the book were saved by my Aunt
    and Cousins.
    To all my friends and audiances. Thank you for your support, and the thousands of letters I’ve received, expressing gratitude. These letters and the promise to my Brother, keeps me going, to spread “Family Values” and the apprecciation of “Fredom”
    God bless you all.
    Your friend:
    “Pista” Stephen Nasser

  67. Dalia says:

    dear Mr Nasser,

    i loved the presentation it was a great biography of your childhood. i told my mom about you and your presentation when i got home on the day you came. i was very intrested in what you had to say. i wish you could of had more time to visit our school [Batterman E.S. Thank You!

  68. Dalia says:


  69. Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for coming to my school. I hope you remeber me. I am the one you asked how old are you? I started to read your book on 6-26-09. You are my hreo. I wished I had tooken your place in the holocaust. Well thank you so much

  70. Daryl Nasser says:

    Dad, just letting you know that I appreciate you and all the strength that you give me while I’m in the hospital for testing.
    I am proud for all that you give of yourself to the people that you touch in your seminars.

    Love your only Son, Daryl

  71. Dear Mr. Nasser

    i just wanted to say , i really love your book
    its the best book ever , And you also have been
    to my brother’s school Batterman Elementary School
    he’s been reading your book every day . And i think its a wonderful
    book for him to start reading. And he should be reading more hard book’s sents he’s going on the
    6th grade this year … well im only in 7th grade going to 8th this year
    and im looking FWD on reading more of your book’s .

    Love Eloralisa Martinez ,

  72. Dear Mr. Nasser,

    Thank you for your 10/12/09 presentation at the College of Southern Nevada. Although I’ve had the priviledge of hearing you speak before, each time
    creates new awareness and gratitude for your efforts to make sure the world Never Forgets!

    Your words echo those of my Grandmother, whose stories intermingled with the soundtrack of my 1950’s suburban American childhood, and provided the basis of my life-long commitment to keeping alive the stories, and therefore the memories,of those who were lost.

    As a Writing Instructor at CSN, I was able to make good use of your Teacher’s Guide, and grateful that my students were able to attend the presentation.
    They were very moved by your words.

    Thank you for dedicating your life in honor of
    those who did not get to live their own lives.

    Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.
    In the words of my Grandmother, “You should live and be well.”

    Warmest regards,

    Joanne D.Gilbert, M.Ed
    College of Southern Nevada

    Personal Historian

  73. Jacqueline Markowitz says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    I have just had the privilege and honor of meeting you and hearing you speak this morning (Oct.18th at the Jewish Boys and Girls Scout First Kinus up on Mt. Charleston). I have seen movies, heard stories, read books but none have moved me so profoundly as your telling of events. I left your lecture with a reason to live life better, to do it for those who were not given the opportunity to live theirs at all. You inspired me to re-evaluate my family values and look for new reasons to thank G-d.
    I am truly sorry for the family you lost and the horror you lived through but I am also grateful that you share you experiences with us, the next generation of Jews especially, for you are the hope that NEVER AGAIN will be never again.

    My sincere thanks,
    Jacqueline Markowitz

  74. Bob Uda says:

    My Brother’s Voice by Stephen “Pista” Nasser is a very convincing, true story about a young, teenage, Jewish Hungarian boy who survived the Nazi holocaust. I found the book to be very interesting, educational, and uplifting. I experienced the complete spectrum of emotions including smiling, laughing, crying, sadness, sorrow, and anger (towards the SS killers). Even though the Nazis and particularly the SS officers were despicable, there were some good Germans such as the potato farmer, the Wehrmacht guard who purchased Pista’s carvings for food, and the good engineer who headed the bridge project and saved Pista twice from a nasty SS officer. These were the good Germans. \

    Pista Nasser received more than his share of hardships and beatings; however, because of his ingenuity, he was able to succeed in spite of the roadblocks placed before him. He was definitely a survivor. The great love between Pista and his older brother Andris and his subsequent death, the brutality of the Nazis in murdering his baby cousin Peter, and the horrors committed at Auschwitz are why this book had to be written even after keeping the entire story a secret for over 50 years.

    It was hilarious how Pista smuggled a 2-inch knife in to the concentration camp by inserting it up his anal passage. It’s a good thing that they didn’t have metal detectors as we have these days. The strong family ties are heartwarming. After the war ended, Pista’s journey back to his home in Budapest and all of the obstacles he overcame doing it can only be credited to Providence. There were so many times that he could have been caught and thrown into prison. His relationship with his girlfriend is heartwarming, which added a lot to the book. My Brother’s Voice is a must read. I recommend it highly to all people who enjoy true stories and to be truly uplifted.

    Bob Uda

  75. Alexandria c says:

    Mr.Nasser, today you went to acorn to speak to my class and it was amazing, you are an outstanding man not only did you go through the worst things possible, but you said your not sorry for yourself and you showed us all that God is there for us even at our worst times thank you so so much for coming and thank you for signing my book.

  76. Jochelle says:

    Hi, I’m Jochelle.
    You came to my school on May 17, 2010. I loved the story you told to us. And al the sacrafices and your family member pasting away, is truely amazing. I was so amazed, that I told my family members about it. I really hope I can buy your book soon and read it.

    Sincerely, Jochelle

  77. roberta says:

    hi,my name is roberta
    mr.nasser you came to my school in Prescott valley on April 21,2010 and i told my family about you and they think what you went through was horible.i love you book so much hope you come again next year.


    p.s. i loved the speech i agree”never again”

  78. Hi, I have just finished reading your book and like many others before me I want to thank you for taking the courage to write such harrowing details of that part of your life. I am heart sorry that all your family perished but rest assured they are looking down at you with immense pride and joy to see you pick yourself up, dust yourself down, “walk tall – walk straight and look the world right in the eye” and fight for your life, for your freedom.
    I am so happy that you were able to have a good rest-of-your-life with your own family…..enjoy them!!

  79. andreagonzaga says:

    Hi Mr. Nasser! I just want to say that I just read your book the other day for a book report we need to do and I’m glad I picked yours. I mostly don’t read alot of non-fiction books but I’m happy that there is a good book that shows a tragedy of what happened in Germany that ends up showing them who’s boss! “My Brother’s Voice” could rival “The Diary of Anne Frank”. I’m really excited to meet you when you come to my school in January!

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