Remembering To Live

Stephen Nasser is the feature story for the May issue of The article focuses on Nasser’s harrowing experiences, his positive and resilient perspective on life, as well as his moving presentations.
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14 Responses to Remembering To Live

  1. Laura Vera says:

    I really thought that your book is one of the best books that I’ve ever read in my whole life! I was really lucky because I got to meet the author in my school(Faiss Flyers Middle School). I recomend people to read this book, it really touched my heart, and I’m sure it will touch yours once you read it.

  2. Marcus Perea says:

    hey i was really intense about the presentation because its crazy that you survived taught me how not be sad or mad to always have a smile on my face but just dropping by for the thanks and god bless u

  3. Josseline Barrientos says:

    Thank you for sharing your enlighting story with us. It has taught me so much about discrimination. I am very sorry for your losses and especially your brother because I know that you were very close to him.

    I am looking forward toward reading your book. It sounds very interesting.

  4. love12508 says:

    thank you so much for coming to my school and telling your story. keep on telling your story. again thank you.

  5. Mrs. Benton says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sharing your experiences with us at Del Sol High School. Your words and message will live on within us forever. The message of love and respect was heard and I hope that we can pass that message on to all that we meet. Meeting you was a gift and one that the students and I will never EVER forget. Your face and your book will be remembered for the rest of their lives. You are a dear person for reliving the horrors every time you speak. We now know that it is imperative that these words are heard and the saying NEVER FORGET is so very true
    Thank you from everyone at Del sol High School!!
    Mrs. Benton

  6. Keaton Reel says:

    Your story was very touching and I hope you come again. You are a hero for being able to survive and keep going even after your sad life.
    Thank you

  7. jen says:

    Your book was inspirational and touching. You are very inspirational.

  8. adamarys says:

    Mr.Nasser came to my school today and all the things he was talking about were all sad and the thing that really spark my eyes was when his brother died in his arms. Mr.Nasser wanted to cry but he seemed that he shouldnt so just to tell yu guys i love yu Mr.Nasser.

  9. adamarys says:

    Mr.Nasser as your reading this i would like to say this last thing and its thank you making having a smile because i lost a family member just like yu did and i loved them as much as your loved yur brother so thank you.

  10. Connor Higgins says:

    hi Mr. Nasser my name is Connor Higgins and i am an eighth grader at The Alexander Dawson School where you gave a speech today. Your story has changed my life forever. I will never take my family or my life for granted again and whenever i complain about something i will think of your story and stop because i really dont have any problems im alive have a family and i am free. What you said about bullies today made me feel a little bit better about myslef because i am bullied by a mean kid at school and i hope your speech made him think about what he does. when you called me little brother it made me feel like I was important in someones life and you are truly my idol. And i will never forget you as long as i live.

    Thank you,
    big brother

  11. Kortney says:

    Dear Mr. Nasser,
    Today is the second time that I have had the opportunity to hear you spead and it was just as touching as the first. You are a great speaker and I am so grateful that you were able to keep a diary of your experience so we can learn from this. I love you Mr. Nasser!! Thank you so much!

  12. Evelyn Roman says:

    A day ago i started reading this horrifing book. My sister who meet you Mr.Nesser as she attended Desert Pine High School. She bought this book and you signed for her, She shared this book with me and I cried and felt depressed and imagined my self in your place! I also realized how very lucky and blessed my family and I are! And i also have a whole in my heart for losing my little brother, As i read your book I couldnt stop thinking of my Brother Alex. I wanted to tell you that your a very brave person and I admire you. Thank you for sharing your story

  13. Monica Pouillon says:

    I Just Saw You At MCC Today. I Even got To Ask You A Question. I Wanted To Talk To You After But My Teacher Would Not Allow Me.I Wanted To Tell You That You Are A Very Strong Person, And I Wanna Know How You Had The Strength To Go On. I Know I NEVER experienced that much pain. I Know You Must Feel Thankful That You Are Where You Are Now. (My Motto Is “No Regrets”)

  14. William cox says:

    tears flooded, when I reached that wonderful account on yreceiving the kindess so loviingly given by barara and all those who helped you in your time of great sorrow I wish you and your wife , children,
    all the happeness in the world, May you live for ever more
    With many loving thought to you all , Past and prescent

    William Cox

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