500 and Counting!

November 7th, 2009 marked the 500th time that author and Holocaust survivor Stephen Nasser has spoken to groups about his experiences since the publication of his book My Brother’s Voice. The occasion was celebrated at the Vegas Valley Book Festival with a presentation of certificates from Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Well done Stephen! Looking forward to the next 500!


5 Responses to 500 and Counting!

  1. Analilian Arroyo says:

    Dear Mrs. Nasser,
    Your book was absolutely amazing. It was an unforgettable experience reading it and i am thrilled to get to meet you. I admire your strength and your courage. “My Brothers Voice” is a book that i most definitely will recommend to others. You have inspired me to believe that everything, absolutely everything is possible.
    Thank you,

  2. Dear Mr. Nasser, your autobiography is most definately the most inspiring novel I’ve ever read. I am always surprised to read about the situations one can live through, and your experience is the most shocking. I’m glad you could become successful after your horrendous experience during the Holocaust. Keep your chin up! 😀

  3. Austin P. says:

    i love this book and so does all of 7th and 8th grade at ACORN

  4. rose weaver says:

    dear Mr. Nasser, when i read your book it inspired me to love the life that we live in. i cried in this book because it touched my heart. i bet it takes alot of courage to go up infront of teens and talk about what happened to you and ur family. u signed my tshirt and my book then had a lunch with us. speaking for me i was so moved by everything u said and went through. im so glad that u came to our school and talked to us thank you.

  5. Jana says:

    Mr. Nasser: As an avid reader of Holocaust memoirs and World War II studies, I MUST commend your book to be among one of the most inspiring I have read. I am only so sorry you ever had to write of such unfathomable atrocities. I read a lot these memoirs because I feel is excpetionally important for each and every person’s story to be told and read…and NEVER forgotten. As the grandaughter of Czech survivors with a Grandfather who wouldn’t really talk about his experience, these books hurt my soul but also help it. I will be lighting an extra yarzheit candle for your Mother and Brother, Andris, Joska, Peter, et al on April 19th from my own home in Las Vegas. G-d Bless You.

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