“I have read many books about the Holocaust and they are all different; different circumstances, different challenges. This is one of the better ones and shows what it takes to survive even when subjected to death or near death many times. If you don’t shed a tear or two toward the end of this book, then you would know that you are a rock and not a human being. This is a tragic, yet uplifting story where the human spirit and will to live conquers all. You will find out for yourself if you read this book.”    


“It took courage to open up his personal feelings and pain to share his family’s tragic story. As Holocaust survivors grow older the reality of first person eyewitness grows fainter. At times the magnitude is just too horrific to comprehend. By publishing his family’s story, Nasser allows the tragedy of his story to speak for millions who cannot.”

– Meyer Bodoff,
CEO/Executive Vice President, Jewish Federation of Las Vegas

“What I would like is for them to share it with their children,” Nasser says of those who hear him speak or read his book. He thinks especially of teenagers, “when they start complaining and nothing is enough. Let them read that and let them find out how much pain there is, and wake up because there have been thousands and thousands of soldiers who died to defend our freedom.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“There are, Stephen Nasser figures, 11 million people — 11 million victims of the Holocaust — who will never be able to speak for themselves. And so Nasser feels compelled to do anything he can, as long as he himself has a voice, to provide one for these lost innocents.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“One can see a lot that can “harden” one to life’s experiences, but what Nasser went through as a 13-year-old, can cause even a hardened individual to tear up. I recommend this book to all who study the devastation a tyrant can bring to the world. Those who do not learn from history can expect to experience it again.”

– Charles L. Shreves
Colonel, US Army, Retired

“In this full, often graphic account, Nasser gives the readers regular glimpses of human kindness and compassion from unlikely sources at unexpected times. They are the indications of the author’s nevertheless continuing faith in mankind, and its potential for building a better world.”

– Gina Klonoff,
Chairperson, Holocaust Survivor Speakers Group of Southern Nevada

“Writing in a straightforward, narrative style, Nasser avoids the cloying or maudlin language that characterizes some stories of the Holocaust. Perhaps its for that reasons that readers will find his book one they won’t forget-and one they recommend to others as a ‘must read’.”

Ray Newton
Former National Coordinator, Reader’s Digest Writing Workshops


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